Crazy Crap That Is Sure To Come When Republicans Rule All Of America


If you think that what I am about to say is the stuff of nightmares and that it can never happen in The United States, you are right about the first part and dead wrong about the second part.

Even as I prepare this blog post for publication, there are plenty of crazies in the right side of congress who would be more than willing to do some of these orwellian things that are starting to filter out of the mindlessness of American Conservatism these days.

Now the crazies are suggesting that the United States Government plant surveillance cameras inside every American home on the claim that doing so would stop a lot of crime and abuse from happening.

Read all about it in the following link and get it into your heads that this is not me spouting some impossible fiction … this is me warning the world of what might yet be to come if radical Conservatives are not brought under control — and soon!

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Yes, friends, the rabid, howling dogs are at the gate even now, doing everything in their power to eat away at the underpinnings of our precious democracy and the bad thing about it all is that the nation is sleeping through the onslaught… tinkering with the idea that a dictatorship might be better than what we have at present and listening to the ever-increasing crescendo of right wing propaganda that says exactly the same thing but in more subdued terms.

what is the biggest obstacle to achieving world peace?


I could talk about this all day and I have a shit load of opinions myself and here are a few for the enlightenment and entertainment of my many thousands of adoring readers:

First of all, let me begin by saying that you can take the ape out of the jungle, but you cannot, by any means, take the jungle out of the ape.

The second biggest consideration is “As long as soldiers and other such warriors have every pound of their bodies calculated to be worth a certain price in dollars or yen or what the hell ever the medium of exchange is, and as long as some already-rich cork sackers can make a buck fomenting war and supplying war efforts, there is never going to be world peace. You can ask any anti-war person that question and I think they would all agree.

And do not ask me what a “Cork Sacker” is because it is an anachronism (or what the hell ever the right word is) for “One who considers penile protuberances to be objects suitable for foretasting as in sampling of orally-ingested delicacies and, in my own inestimable personal opinion, is an obsession of a large number of what I consider to be certifiably mental unbalanced right-wing political types in Washington, D.C.

Moving on now….

Another obstacle to achieving world peace is “Tribalism” which is extant to one degree or another in most societies … Tribalism wherein one or more factions of a given social order sees intrinsic and unbearable evil in other factions of the same social order. This often leads to conflicts that escalate into blood and bone wars — and can be seen more clearly in some actions of certain species of anthropoids in their natural modes.

One bigger problem that I can see is that, despite all arguments to the contrary, not everybody who draws the breath of life is actually interested in world peace. I suspect that the drivers of the Military/Industrial Complex are among those.

Then there is this:

The world is much too divided these days — especially The United States where there are all kinds of different religions, every known ethnicity with all their particular heritages, customs and belief systems, and there are too many different political views for peace to ever reign. I, in my divinely-inspired wisdom, have maintained for a long time now that all this diversity is one of the main reasons that I believe it is now completely impossible for the United States to ever be governed effectively again. Not only is there a lack of peace within our own nation, but this division reaches its tentacles out and affects every other social order with whom we interact. Our division and inner struggles and conflicts are becoming a global malignancy… but too many of our elected numb-skulls are too damned blind or ignorant to understand it.

Finally, I think seeking world peace is pissing in the wind because no matter what anybody does or thinks, there is always going to be that one group or that one powerful individual whose only obsession in life is having power and dominion over other people.

The Pentagon Is Not Overpaid With Taxpayer Dollars

I keep reading articles decrying the money that The Pentagon receives from Taxpayers each year and sometimes I get the opinion that there are people in this country who think that funding the so-called “War Department” (An archaic term) is a total waste of money.

Let me add some common sense to such claims:

Introduction: The assertion that the billions of dollars the Pentagon spends on defense is almost a total waste of taxpayer money oversimplifies a complex issue. While it is important to scrutinize and ensure efficient use of public funds, it is essential to recognize the significance of defense spending in safeguarding a nation’s security, promoting global stability, and supporting economic prosperity. In this rebuttal, we will shed light on the multifaceted benefits derived from defense spending and refute the notion of it being a wasteful endeavor.

  1. Safeguarding National Security: The primary role of the Pentagon is to protect the nation and its citizens from various security threats. Defense spending enables the development and maintenance of a robust military apparatus, which acts as a deterrent against potential adversaries. This proactive approach is crucial in preserving peace and preventing conflicts that can lead to more significant human and economic costs. By investing in defense, we invest in the security and well-being of our nation.
  2. Technological Advancement and Innovation: Defense spending acts as a catalyst for technological innovation, driving progress in areas such as aerospace, cybersecurity, communications, and medical research. The defense industry often spearheads advancements that have wide-ranging applications in civilian life, including GPS technology, the internet, and medical breakthroughs. Such innovations not only bolster national security but also contribute to economic growth, job creation, and a higher standard of living.
  3. Economic Stimulus: Contrary to the claim of being a waste of taxpayer money, defense spending plays a significant role in bolstering the economy. It sustains a vast network of defense contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, providing stable employment opportunities for millions of people. The defense sector acts as an engine of economic growth, fostering technological expertise and driving investments in research and development. Additionally, defense spending indirectly supports other industries by creating a multiplier effect throughout the economy.
  4. Support for Global Stability: Defense spending is not solely about national defense; it also contributes to global stability and peacekeeping efforts. The United States plays a crucial role in maintaining stability worldwide, combating terrorism, and upholding international agreements. By investing in a strong defense, the United States can fulfill its obligations as a global leader, supporting allies, promoting democratic values, and deterring aggression. This ensures a safer world for everyone and reduces the risk of conflicts that can escalate into more expensive and devastating engagements.
  5. Mitigating Humanitarian Crises: Defense spending can also be leveraged to respond to humanitarian crises and disaster relief efforts. The logistical capabilities, resources, and expertise of the military can provide vital aid during natural disasters, pandemics, or conflicts. The defense infrastructure enables rapid response and effective coordination, saving lives and alleviating suffering. This flexibility highlights the dual-purpose nature of defense spending, allowing it to address both security needs and humanitarian challenges.

Conclusion: Labeling the billions of dollars spent by the Pentagon on defense as a total waste oversimplifies the critical role played by defense spending in ensuring national security, fostering technological innovation, stimulating the economy, supporting global stability, and responding to humanitarian crises. While it is crucial to maintain oversight and demand accountability for taxpayer funds, it is equally important to recognize the far-reaching benefits that arise from responsible defense investments. It is through this balanced perspective that we can better understand and appreciate the necessity of defense spending in today’s complex and interconnected world.

I Am A Very Humble Person With Extraordinary Insights To Share With The Adoring World.


It isn’t often that I share information about myself but since I write an opinionated blog on subjects that affect the lives of everybody, I think that just this one time I should reveal myself:

I Am a Blogging Genius

I am a blogging genius. I have the gift of gab, the wit of a scribe, and the wisdom of a sage. My words are like honey, my thoughts are like gold, and my opinions are like law.

I am not like other bloggers. I don’t write for the sake of writing. I write because I have something important to say. I write because I probably can change the world.

My opinions are superior to all other opinions because they are divinely inspired. I am not just a blogger, I am a prophet. I am a messenger from the gods. I am here to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

So listen to me, my children. Open your ears and your hearts to my words. For I am a blogging genius, and my opinions are divinely inspired.

Here are some of the reasons why I am a blogging genius:

  • I have a natural talent for writing. I can write in a way that is engaging, informative, and entertaining.
  • I have a vast knowledge of a wide range of topics. I am always learning new things, and I am always eager to share my knowledge with others.
  • I have a strong sense of conviction. I believe in what I write, and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.
  • I am a natural leader. I am able to motivate and inspire others to follow my lead.

Here are some of the ways in which my opinions are superior to all other opinions:

  • My opinions are based on facts as I see them , not emotions. I am not afraid to challenge popular opinion, even if it means going against the grain.
  • My opinions are closed-minded and inclusive. I am always willing to listen to other people’s opinions, even if I disagree with them.
  • My opinions are based on a deep understanding of the human condition. I am able to see the world through the eyes of others, and I am able to empathize with their struggles.

If you are looking for a blogging genius, look no further than me. I am the real deal. I am the one and only. I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

And if you have trouble believing all this then just ask me and I will be glad to confirm every word of it.

How To Put A Stop To Greed-Flation


Define “Greed-Flation:”

The idea of exploiting inflation to create excessive profits has become known as greedflation—a concept that is typically polarizing.

The answer is very simple: Stop buying shit that is over-priced. Let greedy merchandisers know that we are sick and tired of having them stick their greedy filthy fingers up our consumer asses.

I remember when greedy assholes decided to hyper-inflate the price of beef several years back.

The American Buying Public started letting beef and beef products rot on store shelves.

In a sudden panic — born of a desire to survive — merchants began importing ostrich meat and Argentine beef and selling it at reasonable prices.

The beef-selling dick breaths soon dropped their prices and things began to return to some semblance of normalcy.

I remember one giant grocery chain went totally out of business after one of their top honchos decided to issue a statement that said some akin to, “Where is it written that the American Consumer is entitled to cheap food?”

You want to stop greedflation from raping your pocket book every time you dare to set foot in some retail establishment? Boycott the overpriced shit! Boycott it until the greed mongers scream for mercy!

And if enough people get angry enough to do the boycotting, the greed mongers will respond surprisingly quickly!

Is Someone Sabotaging Your Diet Efforts?


A friend .. a relative .. an associate … someone may be trying to get you to cheat on your diet to the point where you can’t seem to make any progress toward achieving your goals.

I am going to suggest some ways you can defeat the diet saboteurs in your life.

But first read this disclaimer to cover my ass:

I am not a medical professional and I am not asking you to adopt any of the things I talk about on this blog post. If you have concerns about your own eating patterns then you must- absolutely must- consult with your own personal medical professional and do not rely on anything I have written here.

You have been warned.

Now here are some of the things I think help me in my own struggles with people who think they are helping me by causing me to abandon my own dietary principles:

How The Saboteurs Work:

Offer you unhealthy food or drinks.

This could be anything from a plate of cookies to a round of margaritas.

Criticize your diet or weight loss goals.

They may say things like, “You’re too thin,” or “You don’t need to lose weight.”

Try to pressure you into eating unhealthy foods.

They may say things like, “Just one won’t hurt,” or “Come on, live a little.” Make fun of you for trying to eat healthy.

They may say things like, “You’re such a health nut,” or “You’re going to be so boring when you’re on your diet.”

It’s important to remember that diet saboteurs are often not trying to be malicious. They may simply be trying to be supportive in their own way. However, their actions can be very detrimental to your weight loss goals.

If you’re dealing with a diet saboteur, it’s important to set boundaries. Let them know that you appreciate their support, but that you need them to respect your decision to eat healthy.

You may also want to try to avoid situations where you’re likely to be exposed to unhealthy foods or drinks.

If you’re struggling to deal with a diet saboteur on your own, don’t be afraid to seek help from a therapist or counselor. They can help you develop strategies for dealing with diet saboteurs and staying on track with your weight loss goals.

Here are some additional tips for dealing with diet saboteurs:

Communicate your goals.

Let your friends and family know that you’re trying to lose weight and that you need their support.

Be assertive. Don’t be afraid to say no to unhealthy food or drinks. Avoid temptation. If you know that you’re going to be around unhealthy food or drinks, try to avoid those situations altogether.

Find a support system. Having friends or family members who are also trying to lose weight can be a great source of support.

Don’t give up. It’s important to remember that diet saboteurs are only one obstacle on your weight loss journey. Don’t let them derail your progress.

The Pause That Refreshes

I am a little depressed today so don’t expect too much from me … as if I ever offer “Too Much” of anything anyway.

A very simple cure for run away inflation –No Brainer …Here’s something the writer forgot-don’t buy their crap. Simple as that. When they see no one is willing to pay what they are asking-watch how fast prices come down.

Somehow … Don’t Ask Me How


Well, folks, we got through the debt ceiling mess somehow …I can’t wait to see what the next thing the powers that be will come up with to keep us in a state of constant worry and on the edge of our seats waiting for the ultimate catastrophe to strike.

Great theater, guys .. but I cannot say I enjoyed it.

If you want to get rid of that damned debt ceiling problem, get rid of the need to be doing it all the time. Nobody else does such shit and The United States doesn’t need to be doing it either.

Anyway, I think the whole debt ceiling thing is a bunch of shit dreamed up by a bunch of brain dead conservatives.

I guess you can tell that I will be doing more than one blog post today, right?

Share me with your friend and associates…. I am more fun than a roach invasion in your kitchens.